III  WUT?    Feel free to approach anytime or drop a /tell  III RP:   If the tag's up, Myr's free  III Dark/Mature?   Absolutely, if it's not just 'edgy' shit, lets get some story going  III ERP?   Situational, maybe.  III Private RP?   Sure, shoot a /tell and lemme know where  III Can I ask about Myr?   Yep. Don't be afraid to send any questions you may have  III Is Myr for hire?   Got a job you need done? Bodyguard work to cheap revenge, catch Myr lurking around and he'll get the job done for a small charge. (No ACTUAL gil required.)  III Mare Synchronos?   If we're actively rping, I'll give you it, otherwise no.

Always looking for long-term/story driven rp. Chance encounters/walkups are ALWAYS welcome!Preferred RP themes include: Dark (With prior discussion), Mature, in-depth and long-term character interactions, Intrigue, action/combat, and anything interesting that might pop up along the way - I keep open minded!Not always checking my screen when Myr's lurking about! If you haven't caught my attention, shoot me a /tell and I'll hop to yaMyr has a 'bad' habit of listening in to conversations and scoping out nearby bystanders when he's lurking about, however this only applies when the RP tag is up. Tag off? Nothing is remembered IC.Always willing to talk about possible roleplays or plots over FFXIV or Discord. Please don't contact me through discord with unrelated matters.

Writer and character is 21+

   •  COMPLEXION       Fair, pale freckles from sun exposure. Right side of face marred by burn scars trailing down the full of his left-side, body scattered with various scarring of old wounds. A rune-like tattoo spans his right arm and shoulder, a matching tattoo of a hawk curved down the side of his right pectoral.
   •  HAIR       Short cropped messily as if by hand, dark grey with black accents. Often kept shaven on the sides or choppy-short, rarely ever grown out past an ilm or two in length..
   •  EYES       L. half-fogged black | R. clouded blind-white
   •  PHYSIQUE        Athletic muscular | Lean yet well-built, bulky in the arms and torso with years of physical activity. Wide shoulders, with a notable taper inward at the waist.
   •  SCENTS        Old leathers, cigarette smoke, woodsy musk and a lit of well-aged whiskey.


   •  NAME       Myr El'ire
   •  AGE       Thirty-Five
   •  SPECIES       Hyurian, Midlander
   •  SEXUALITY        Homosexual Demiromantic
   •  RELATIONSHIP        It's complicated. VERY.
   •  AFFILIATIONS        LT. for Big Dango FC
   •  OCCUPATION        Sell-sword, For-Hire Mercenary, avid Pit-Fighter, and.... HR.
   •  BIRTHPLACE        Ishgard, Coerthas
   •  HEIGHT        5 fulms, 5 ilms
   •  WEIGHT        138 ponze
   •  ALIGNMENT        True-Neutral, ISFJ
   •  VOICE CLAIM …        Hawke // Dragon Age II


   •  SPINELESS IN MY TOMB OF SILENCE.    Myr is a cold fire of a man, bold and direct and never hesitant with his words, no matter how sharp they may be. He has quite the aggressive streak, often easily irritated by the simplest things, though it's hard to tell his "neutral" face from most other expressions thus far. Most well known for his sharp silver tongue, the only thing sharper being the teeth that lie behind curled lips. If you manage to pry past the general bad attitude, he's always up for an interesting conversation.Occupationally, he's a for-hire mercenary, though currently employed as a Lieutenant for a mercenary company named Big Dango. When he's not busy hunting for work and odd jobs for Gil, he enjoys the occasional pastries and cheap [preferably free] drinks.


         Red meats, especially dzo or anything game-y
         Challenges, be it people, fights, or situations
         People-watching [Glorified Eavesdropping]
         Cold weather, especially snow
         Sweets, anything from candies to pastries
         Knocking his head into something, usually hard....


        Overly hot or humid temperatures
         People who complain and talk at him too much
         Being grabbed, or having personal space invaded in general
         The ocean and traveling by boat
         Cooked mushrooms or raw seafood
         Having to put too much effort into something annoying
         Limsa Lominsa



  III 🗡Voice   - Hailing from Ishgard, his distinct sort of accent would be easily discernable by any who might recognize it.  III 🗡 Gaze   - Myr has a bad, but unbreakable, habit of people watching.... Perhaps you caught his gaze lingering on you for a moment longer than a glance?  III 🗡 Marred   - Crossing over his right eye, from brow to chin, is a gruesome but old burn scar spanning the side of his face, pairing with the fog of a blinded right eye. Arms and torso are spattered in similar curls of badly healed burns and gashes, paired with a light limp in his gait from his right leg.  III 🗡 Hawk [DEAD]   - Trailing after the hyur, perched on a right shoulder or circling the sky overhead, one may spot a lone hawk with a gaze as firm and temper as hot as the man it accompanies. Watch your fingers, it is known to bite


  III 🗡Stone   - Myr happens to be in possession of a dark red stone sporting an odd symbol carved to the face, attached crudely to a long chain and worn tucked under the fabric of his shirt.  III 🗡Hard Work   - If you've worked around the sell-sword crowd of Ul'dah, you may have heard disgruntled rumors of a local mercenary of a similar visage who's notoriously bad at keeping jobs clean. You may be more wary with hiring him.  III 🗡Odd   - Those with aether-sense may notice an odd feel to Myr's general aether, something about it feeling just slightly damaged and leaning on weak, like the flicker of a dying man's.  III 🗡Inked   - If you're lucky, you might catch sight of an elaborate, rune-like tattoo spanning the length of his right arm and shoulder, curling down his right-side front, ending with the curve of a hawk spanning his right pectoral.


  III 🗡Traded for Gil   - Tight around the hyur's neck, over the bump of his throat is a pale even line holding a tale he isn't keen to tell. Got the gil or have worked the under streets, you'll know.
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  III 🗡Wanted for Blood   - Those from Ishgard may recognize his name, one upon a list of those very late to their court date. You can't quite place what it was, but his stare might just unnerve you an ilm more.
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